The project Qualiform

Faced with the rise in unemployment and the disappearance of many salaried jobs, Luxembourg needs to reinforce the adaptability of its active population in order to remain competitive. In view of the socio-economic changes, life-long development of competences is essential not only to guarantee a sustainable employability of the active population but also to enable job-seekers to re-enter the employment market.

Thus life-long learning becomes a key factor.

The goal of the project "Qualiform" is to reflect on the means to install that will garantuee a better quality of the adult training programmes in Luxembourg. Up to now, 2 scientific studies have been conducted in order to identify potential solutions directly applicable "on the ground".

Whereas the first study concentrated on the competencies of the trainer, the second one focuses more on the influence of the working environment and the role of the learner.

The initial question "How to guarantee a better quality of adult training programmes in Luxembourg?" has been joined by a central question to the second study:

"Can adult training lead to learning organisations?"

The report on this second study is accessible now in three different versions:


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