Employability of the graduates of the University of Luxembourg

Recording how quickly the graduates find a job related to their diploma is a very relevant information for the Universities accross the world. The graduate’s employability rate is the common criteria used to establish international rankings.
With the Bologna Process facilitating the student’s mobility within Europe, students now tend to compare the different possible study offers and the related job opportunities.

Beyond the studies using quantitative criterias such as wage level, intergration rate and delay, we also use qualitative studies to monitor the long term employability rate of the graduates of the University of Luxembourg.
To do so, we sat up a process of continuous improvement of the existing curricula, allowing us to acknowledge the new opportunities in continuing education.

To date, 5 curricula have been analysed in this project with the help of the FSE :

• Master in European Law, spec. European Litigation

• Prof. Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

• Prof. Bachelor in Social and Educative Sciences

• Prof. Bachelor in Engineering

• Master in Psychology - Evaluation and Assessment

This project aims at creating bonds between the academic world and the labour market through continuing education.



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