EMPLOYABILITY of the BTS graduates of the LTECG

The University of Luxembourg Competence Centre has conducted a study, in cooperation with the Lycée Technique École de Commerce et de Gestion (LTECG), on how fast the BTS graduates were able to find an employment related to their studies.

The survey comprises the data of the 2009-2013 graduates of the three existing BTS subjects in the LTECG: BTS Management Assistant, BTS Accounting Manager and BTS Sales and Marketing Manager.

Apart from a general analysis of the BTS studies at the LTECG, information on the different career paths of the graduates could also be obtained, thus pointing towards possible revaluations of the studies, tailoring them more adequately to the contemporary requirements and ensuring a better guidance of future students.

The results of the study were presented during an "Alumni BTS" launching event on Thursday March 27th 2014 at the LTECG.

A downloadable presentation of the results can be found here below.


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