Demographic changes in the labour market

Are the companies ready yet?

Population ageing will cause multiple changes in the labour market in the coming 10 to 20 years. The impact of demographic evolution on the functioning of companies is a subject still quite neglected by decision-makers in Luxembourg and the Greater Region. Yet, it is time to consider it in order to assure the competitiveness of each organisation.

The University of Luxembourg Competence Centre would like to support companies in their reflections on the effects of population ageing. That is why we have organised the conference "Génération 50+" in February 2014 to raise awareness for the topic by presenting some practical examples of companies having set up a series of actions to effectively manage and integrate people above a certain age. All information on the conference is available here (fr).

Due to the massive interest on the discussed issues, the Competence Centre decided to elaborate on the topic. Consequently, an online survey has been established. It addresses organisations in Luxembourg with the aim of finding out more on how they prepare themselves for the upcoming challenges associated with the demographic change. It goes without saying that the ultimate goal is to develop and offer accompanying measures.

We guarantee that all information collected through the survey is treated confidentially and answers will be anonymised.
We’ll keep you posted on the development of this project.