Job Manager

Job Manager is a tool developed by the IUIL within the framework of the Observatory of competencies, with the support of the Fonds social européen (FSE).
It enables you to describe the skills necessary for a profession or a trade, based upon observable behavior.

Use this detailled job description to measure the performance on the job as well as to observe the development of your staff. A useful tool that also helps you manage the on the job training of your employees.

Job Manager is offered to you by the IUIL. Contact us in order to assure a proper handling of the tool. For more information and a test access, please contact us directly.


Dominique PIERRET
+352 26 15 92 16

Here at IUIL, we want our researches and case studies to be concrete, pragmatic and easily transferable to our action fields such as education, continuing education, and pedagogical engineering.

Where there is no will, there is no knowledge. Therefore our main goal is not the knowledge itself, but the actions that can be taken with that knowledge.

Dominique Pierret,
Project Manager
Dominique Pierret,
Project Manager