Business Learning

Business Learning is a free on-line tool that helps you acquire the essentials of company creation and management: from the choice of a name and the legal form to the development of a marketing plan and financing plans over several years.

Since its redesigning in 2015, Business Learning is composed of 2 guides :

Guide I : Business creation

The guide I deals with the idea as the starting point of a business project and all the fundamental issues involved in the creation of a business (name, legal framework, competitive environment, marketing strategy etc.) The financial analysis, as an essential part of every business creation, is also being treated.

Guide II : Business management

The second part highlights the basics of accounting management (results, balance sheets etc.) as well as the financial management of a business (indicators, funding etc.)

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Véronique ACKER
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Here at IUIL, we want our researches and case studies to be concrete, pragmatic and easily transferable to our action fields such as education, continuing education, and pedagogical engineering.

Where there is no will, there is no knowledge. Therefore our main goal is not the knowledge itself, but the actions that can be taken with that knowledge.

Dominique Pierret,
Project Manager
Dominique Pierret,
Project Manager