Upon request, the IUIL develops constumized continuous trainings for companies in various fields of activities (healtcare, law, HR, public sector ...).
With its expertise in training engineering, the IUIL team accompanies HR managers, the middle management or CEO's in the implementation of lifelong learning projects for their employees.

We select adapted content and the appropriate trainers, help you with the organization and the follow-up of participants and thus we develop a customized training plan according to the needs of your company.

Contact the IUIL to design the perfect continuous training for your company!

Exemples de formations sur mesure

  • Public Performance Audit Training for the CCL
L'IUIL a développé une formation sur mesure en audit de la performance publique pour la Cour des Comptes luxembourgeoise (CCL) en langue anglaise.

Here at IUIL, we want our researches and case studies to be concrete, pragmatic and easily transferable to our action fields such as education, continuing education, and pedagogical engineering.

Where there is no will, there is no knowledge. Therefore our main goal is not the knowledge itself, but the actions that can be taken with that knowledge.

Dominique Pierret,
Project Manager
Dominique Pierret,
Project Manager