Going on individual training leave

A leave for individual training can be granted in the following cases:

  • attend classes
  • prepare exams
  • produce a written thesis
  • accomplish another work in relation with an eligible training

Who can be granted with an individual training leave ?

  • Employees
  • Independent workers

What are the conditions to respect :

Independent workers and persons exercising a liberal profession must be have been affiliated to the Luxembourgish social security for at least two years.

The applicants must:
  • be employed as salaried employee in Luxembourg
  • having an employment contract within a company or association legally established and active in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
  • have been working for the same employer for at least six months

The employer states his opinion about the request of the employee.

Which trainings are eligible ?

Trainings offered in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg or abroad:
  • by professional chambers or communes
  • by private associations authorized for this purpose by the national Ministry of education and vocational training
  • by institutions with a status of public or private school formally recognized by public authorities and delivering certifications recognized by these same authorities

It is not necessary for the training to be directly linked with the position occupied. It can take place during working hours, evenings or weekends.

How to calculate the number of training leave ?

Each worker can benefit from 80 days of training during his professional career:
  • 20 days maximum over a period of two years
  • 1 day minimum each time

During the time of the training leave, the legal dispositions with regards to social security and work protection remain applicable.

The worker can recover 1/3 of the time dedicated to the individual training leave :
The number of hours invested is converted into working days. Eight hours of training count as a working day. The number of training days is then divided by three to get the number of days of training leave. This number is rounded down if necessary.

A full time employee attending 38 hours of training
38/8 hours = 4.75 days of training
4.75/3 = 1.58 days of training leave (to round down)
A 38 hours training allow a 1.5 days of training leave

For employees working part time, days of training leave are calculated prorated on the number of time actually worked.

How to proceed to obtain a training leave ?

The employee must apply to the service of vocational training at the Ministry, through the “ training leave request” a form.

The applicant must :
  • complete the form
  • transmit the form to his employer, to allow him to complete his reserved part
  • send the form duly completed with the documents requested by the Ministry of education and vocational training. The employee receives a mail back precising the number of training leave days granted.

The employer can’t refuse the request of training leave. However he can require its postponing if the absence of the employee is likely to jeopardize the smooth running of the company or the annual vacation scheduling of the staff.
The form must be sent two months before the start of the requested leave.

How can the employer obtain a reimbursement of benefits ?

The employer must first complete a form using a model provided by the Ministry of Education and vocational training.
A reimbursement of the amount of the benefits and the employer’s social security contributions is then granted.

People who are independent workers or self-employed are entitled to a compensation for the duration of the classes. It is calculated on the basis of the income used for the last accounting year as contribution base for pension insurance.
It is maximum 4 times the minimum hourly social wage for unskilled workers.

For more information you can contact M. Sacha Linden of the Service de la formation professionnelle (sacha.linden@men.lu) or visit guichet.lu where you can also find the different forms of application.