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Pharmaceutical care training - 2018

Date: April 18, 2018

Context of the training

The profession of the pharmacist is evolving. The pharmacist, as a medication expert, is in a position where he can really add value to healthcare and the well-being of a patient. The concept of pharmaceutical care puts the patient and his medication in the centre of attention. The pharmacist thus becomes a person who can actively advise patients on the rational use of their medication.

The concept is already being applied in the Greater Region as one possible way of counteracting on actual problems in the healthcare system of some of our neighbouring countries. The IUIL, together with the association pharmacare.lu, decided to take a step into this same direction and jointly developed a programme to promote pharmaceutical care in Luxembourg and the Greater Region. It allows pharmacists to acquire the necessary skills that will help them face upcoming challenges for their profession.

Goals of the training

The training has 3 main objectives:

  1. Developing and promoting pharmaceutical care in the pharmacies and the hospital pharmacies in Luxembourg and the Greater Region.
  2. Strengthening the qualification of pharmacists in the practice and distribution of pharmaceutical care for their patients and costumers
  3. Anticipating changes in the pharmacists’ field of activities

In addition to technical skills in pharmaceutical care, the participants will acquire competences in legal aspects, change management and communication, essential elements for an efficient implementation of the concept.

The training is addressed to pharmacists, active in pharmacies or in hospital, in Luxembourg or the Greater Region.

Practical aspects

  • 80 hours of training: 6,5 days of classroom training lessons and an equivalent of 28 hours of distance learning (e-learning modules)
  • Language: French
  • Location: Maison du Savoir (Esch/Belval)
  • Price: 1.450 €
  • A participation certificate will be delivered at the end of the training.
  • The technical aspects of pharmaceutical care will be taught by Prof. Jean CALOP and members of his team
  • The more national aspects, specific for Luxembourg, will be covered by national experts active in the Grand Duchy.


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Christian WEIBEL
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Mélissa MOHR
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