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Management training for the hospital sector

Date: February 25, 2016

Management training for the hospital sector

Develop a new kind of management.

In 2007 the IUIL and the FHL (Luxemburgish hospital federation) have set up a management training entirely dedicated to the executives of the Luxemburgish hospital sector.
In a sector under constant change, the IUIL, in direct collaboration with the different hospital directions, made the training evolve to a more complete training offer, taking into account new financial and organizational constraints hospitals have to face. Training the executives by reinforcing their technical and social competencies in order to allow them to take these new challenges efficiently, is the main challenge.

The main objectives for the fifht session starting in February 2016 are :

  • to help the participants apprehend their environment and their role as an executive
  • to help the participants develop the necessary skills to manage their team
  • to help the participants optimize the functioning of their unit

The training portfolio consists of 140 hours including a personalized coaching adapted to the needs of the individual participant, especially regarding the development of a professional project. Candidates should be holding or being prepared for an executive function in the hospital sector in Luxembourg.

Training language is French.
For further information, please download the training brochure and calender below (in French) and feel free to contact us if you have any question.


Mélissa Mohr
Tel.: +352 26 15 92 35

Isabelle Marujo
Tel.: +352 26 15 92 17

Christian Weibel
Tel.: +352 26 15 92 44