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How to develop a systemic HR approach

Date: April 24, 2014

Upon invitation of Randstad Luxembourg and by occasion of the first edition of the Randstad Award in Luxembourg, Pol WAGNER, director of the Institut Universitaire International Luxembourg, gave a presentation on

How to develop a systemic HR approach … from recruitment to retirement

The price for best employer was awarded a first time in Luxembourg on Thursday April 24th this year and entirely reflects the general public’s opinion as the decision was based on a survey with a representative sample of the Luxembourgish population and part of the Greater Region as to which of the 30 largest companies is the most attractive as a place to work.

On that occasion, Pol WAGNER was able to make some reflections on the nature of the "best employer".

What are the characteristics of a good employer?

According to him, and his opinion has been forged by years of experience as the director of a institution for continuous training and applied research that is always working close to the field, different elements need to be taken into account:

  • the recruitment
  • an embedding into the company and the personal development
  • a succession plan

There are certain tools for each of these elements (competency profiles, development discussions, individual career development plans, etc.) and as with all things, results are only obtained if all the elements work in unison.

And with the demographic development we are facing nowadays including the socio-economical problems inevitably linked to this ageing of the population, results are indeed of the essence.

What about the role of the IUIL in all of this?...

Discover the answer to this question and to some others in Pol WAGNER’s presentation that can be downloaded at the bottom of this page as well as that of Jörg PESCHNER (DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion / European Commission) who was a guest speaker at the IUIL conference

Generation 50+ in firms

which took place on February 27th 2014 and whose aim it was to stir up the decision maker’s nest, so to speak, as to the socio-economical consequences we are about to have to cope with due to the demographic development. A few “best practice” examples on how to act now were also presented during that conference.

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